B-CC Theatre Season 2019-2020

Bethesda-Chevy Chase Theatre

Anne of Green Gables

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"Anne Of Green Gables"

Adapted by Jody Davidson

Original Story by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Director: Néa Ranganathan

Stage Manager: Alia Somerset Berry-Drobnich 



Who's Who in the Cast & Crew

Nick Jessup - Moody/Ensemble - This is Nick’s (Thiccolas) second show at B-CC High School. He’s very excited to be a part of this amazing theater program.

Néa Ranganathan - Director - This is Néa’s 7th show at B-CC. She is excited to go from an actor, to a director, and put together this brilliant show. She thanks her cast, crew, and friends for all their hard work! Especially her little sister Alara, who is making her B-CC debut!

Klio Papageorgopoulos - Mrs. Barry/Ensemble - Klio is so excited that she got into the children's show, as the musical had been so much fun. Working with the cast and acting at B-CC is amazing. 

Charlotte Bell - Anne Shirley - Charlotte Bell is a sophomore at B-CC. This is her second children’s show, and her fourth show in total. She thanks her friends and family for all of their support.

Olivia Moy - Rachel Lynde - Olivia is a 10th grader at B-CC. This is her first time in the children’s show and she’s psyched that she gets to eat all the cookies from the cookie jar.

Ruby Barmada - Diana Barry  - This is Ruby's second production at B-CC. She is so excited to be part of this cast, and thanks everyone involved in the show and her family. 

Anh Le - Stage Crew  - "Anne of Green Gables" is Anh’s third show at B-CC. She’s excited to see the play and thinks “the set is really cool and the plot is very interesting.

“Lucie Daignault - Miss Stacy/Mrs. Spencer - This is Lucie’s fourth show at B-CC. She’s so grateful that she gets to work with this amazing cast and crew (and director) to create such a wonderful show.

Allie Plocki - Stage Crew Head - Allie loves the Anne of Green Gables story and has really enjoyed working on this show with Néa and Alia. 

Julia Matney - Sound Head - This is Julia's fourth and final year with B-CC Theatre, having worked the past 11 shows! She'd like to thank Néa, the actors, all of crew, and especially her fellow crew heads for making this all come together beautifully!

Alia Somerset Berry-Drobnich - Stage Manager - This is Alia’s six show at B-CC and her first as stage manager. She has absolutely loved working with this amazing cast and crew. She thanks them, and her director Néa, for their hard work and hopes you enjoy the show!

Alara Ranganathan - Minnie May - This is Alara’s first show at B-CC. She is excited to play the part of a 9 year old girl. She thanks her sister Néa for trusting her to be in the play. 

Naomi Meyer - Mrs. Blewett / Ms. Harris / Josie Pye - Naomi is excited to be here, and thanks Néa, Alia, and the cast & crew for this incredible experience. Thanks, also to her amazing parents, who are always extremely supportive.

Jacqueline Nadeau - Stage Crew Head - This is Jacqueline's 9th show at B-CC working with construction crew. She’s proud of all her fellow crew members along with the hardworking cast and amazing director! 

Bill Angell - Matthew Cuthbert - Bill is delighted to return to the children’s show for a second year! Past roles include Elvis and Erronius.

Henry Baratz - Gilbert Blythe - This is Henry's first production with B-CC and he is thrilled to be a part of it. Since 2015, Henry has performed professionally around the DC area and has done his school shows as well. He would like to thank Néa, Alia, and the entire cast and crew for this amazing experience. 

Katie Manyin - Marilla Cuthbert - Katie Manyin is a senior and is thrilled to be part of the children show for the third year in a row. Katie has been in three other shows at B-CC, Hairspray, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, and Miss Nelson is Missing (Miss Nelson/ Viola Swamp). Thanks to Néa for being an amazing friend and director! 

Becca Gaylin - Props Co-Head - This is Becca’s 12th show with the B-CC theatre department and her 10th show as Props Head. She’d like to thank her wonderful props crew and her best friend and co-head, Miriam.

Miriam Lorber - Props Co-Head - This is Miriam’s 12th show at B-CC. She loves being a part of this activity and wants to thank her lovely children and her wonderful best friend and co, Becca. 

Abigail Kessel - Costumes Co-Head - This is Abigail’s second show as costumes co-head. She is so proud of all the work done by the stumies, Mr. Michael P., and her fabulous co-head, Larissa.


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