Audition Information for Legally Blonde

The links below will  give you a sample of the audition songs for the audition. It's just the sheet music, you can find the audio of each song on You Tube to practice. You may also choose a song of your own if you wish. Be sure to bring the sheet music with you if you are using your own song.

Please choose your own monologue. Memorization is preferable, but not mandatory. If you cannot find a monologue of your own, there will be short monologues available to you at the audition. You should arrive early if you need to review one of the monologues provided.

Here is a breakdown of the audition schedule:

September 6: Required Dance Audition in the Auditorium - 3:00pm (Don't worry if dance is not your thing, just be enthusiastic and have fun!)

September 7: General Auditions in the Auditorium, beginning at 3:00pm

September 8: Callbacks in the Choral Music Room, beginning at 3:00pm